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Translation services


1. Sworn translations

We provide sworn translations commissioned by state institutions (courts, public prosecution office, etc.), companies as well as individual clients. The subject matter of translations most frequently includes:
– official letters and decisions, judicial rulings
– notarial acts, contracts
– workplace, school, university, public offices, etc. certificates
– school reports and professional certificates
– diplomas
– vehicle documents, etc.

2. Regular translations

– business correspondence
– user manuals
– advertisements
– websites, etc.
– we have experience in the translation of German texts written in Gothic script.

We offer comprehensive translation services for companies, we welcome our long-term cooperation with you.


Interpreting services


We provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

– interpreting commissioned by courts and public prosecution offices (sworn interpreting at court hearing, examination, etc)
– notarised interpreting (sworn)
– interpreting service at: trainings, conferences
– interpreting during negotiations and business meetings, as well as during bargaining
– participation in general meetings of partners
– interpreting at meetings with lawyers, accountants, tax advisors
– conducting telephone conversations at the client’s request (including those with public offices and other public institutions)

Order placement


We accept orders at our office located at ul. Skierniewicka 7 A. In order to save our clients’ time, orders can be accepted and sent via e-mail or fax for regular translations.
We are mobile – at request and according to agreed terms and conditions, we send, pick up and deliver translations.
For our regular Clients we guarantee services tailored to their needs.

Translations are made and delivered in the following forms:

– paper (for sworn translations)
– electronic

Please direct all inquiries to: agencja.rb@bijas.pl

Agencja RB Renata Bijas
ul. Skierniewicka 7A
53-117 Wrocław

tel. 71 795 60 67
e-mail: agencja.rb@bijas.pl