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Our specializations

We specialize in providing translation and interpreting services in the following areas:
– law,
– economics,
– medicine,
– automotive,
– advertising,
– railway technology,
– real estate,
– history and art history,
– and other.

All kinds of translation services are provided with due accuracy, including: sworn translations (court, official, pertaining to vehicles) and regular translations, as e.g. user manuals, sources for bachelor’s and master’s theses, leaflets, abstracts.
We provide interpreting services during conferences, business meetings and negotiations conducted in German. We translate correspondence and if needed participate in telephone conversations in the Client’s name. For entities having business contacts with companies in German-speaking countries we offer continuous language support.


Renata Bijas

Renata Bijas

a sworn translator of the German language

– a sworn translator of the German language
– qualified consecutive and simultaneous interpreter
– translation and interpreting services
– participation in providing the interpreting services for Phare projects, the implementation of the electronic system designed for register of deeds
– providing services for conferences of judges of regional, district and appellate courts in Poland and Germany
– interpreting services in the areas of law and economics – at the Agency’s or Client’s office, at notary’s office

Marlena Wachnik

Marlena Wachnik


A real estate administrator, a graduate of the University of Physical Education in Wrocław, Department of Tourism and Recreation.
Marlena has been with the Agency since 2014.
While managing facilities and human resources, thereby gaining knowledge within the scope of marketing, finances, catering business, appointment and meeting organization – she has developed considerable experience in the hotel industry, which is reflected in her work in the RB Agency.
She supports the Agency’s activities in the field of real estate management, offices and premises lease.

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